Why I have a beard?

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If someone ask me what I remember as the best times of life, I will tell that they’re the times when I was being the most productive.

And the last two months count.

Two months ago, I quit my job as a engineer designer.Cuz I decided to do a self-teaching about programming.

I learned Python first, then I decided to put it aside and went to learn Ruby on Rails.

Days ago, one of my roommate said I looks harassed and drawn.

But I feel great about myself.I just got tired of shaving every day.I likes my beard.

The beard is a good reminder to me that that was a different life. I'm hopeful that I will either find something else, or something else will be presented to me.

I love the words above which said by David Letterman.

One year and half ago, he stepped down from CBS’s “Late Show” and a 33-year career in late-night television and said that words after cultivating a fleecy and prodigious mound of facial hair.

I think it suits me too.


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